The teams of CELABOR and KTH meet in Belgium

Wednesday, 14 February, 2018

The KTH team in project BARBARA, including Prof. Francisco Vilaplana, MSc. Reskandi Chastelia Rudjito and Dr. Amparo Jiménez, met last week in the facilities of CELABOR with their senior scientist and project manager, Mahmoud Hamzaoui and Stéphane Kohnen. The meeting served to clarify technical points about the extraction and modification of corn starch and exchange further information on the progress of the BARBARA project. 

A close contact between both the KTH team and CELABOR is crucial, as the latter needs to technically fulfill the set-up requirements developed by the former in terms of extraction process and all the chemical modifications required to achieve compatibilization of the starch with bio-based polyamides, while scaling it up from the lab to the pilot plant scale.   

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