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  • Entreprise Europe Network, the European Comission and several research and innovation Norwegian institutions organize the Conference "Unlimited opportunities in the circular economy: Reducing, Reusing and Recycling" which will be held in Oslo, Norway on September 19th

    DOGA, the Norwegian centre for Design and Architecture
  • The BARBARA project was presented within a special session on "Promoting Green Investments: Matchmaking opportunities for SMEs from EU Projects in the Circular Economy". Tecno was invited to give a talk about the strategies of the company in circular economy and the project was presented together with the rest of European projects that the company has or has had in this line. The forum held 150 attendees including an investors panel, SME's, large companies and RTD centres.

  • The Spanish city of Zaragoza has hosted the opening meeting for the European Project BARBARA (Biopolymers with advanced functionalities for building and automotive parts processed through additive manufacturing).

  • Celabor scrl has presented the BARBARA project within the 3rd edition of international conferences "Green chemistry and White biotechnology: Industry of the future", held in Mons, Belgium.

    The conferences were organized by GreenWin, an innovation cluster set forth by the Walloon Government in Belgium, in collaboration with the University of Mons and Enterprise Europe Network.

  • News about the kick-off meeting of the recently started BARBARA project have appeared on the regional newspaper "El Heraldo de Aragón" this June 15th.

    The main facilities of both AITIIP, coordinator of the project, and TECNO, are located in Zaragoza, capital of the region of Aragon, Spain. Tke kick-off meeting was held in the same city.

    The article describes the main goals of the project and points out the excellence of the companies involved in the project and the positive impact that this has on the development of the region.